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AWKWARD LEAN//GREEN - Handpulled Ltd Edition Silkscreen Print


Hand pulled, two coloured and layered silkscreen print onto 50cm square on 330gsm Stephen Smart White FSC paper with a hand cut edge.

This series of silkscreen prints was born from the ideas of interlocking geometric and linear shapes - smooth from a distance, textured closer. Off centre placements and juxtopositions mimic attraction and slight discomfort. Each print can be hung from any side creating a personalised comfort/discomfort zone.

Embracing the nature of hand pulled silkscreen, each piece will be subtly different and unique.
Edition of 10
50cm x 50cm aprox.

Colours may differ slightly due to monitor settings.

Shipping is free and posted via courier - Registered domestic or International Buyers are responsible for all import duties and taxes specific to their country of import from Australia.